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At K Property Group, we care about our tenants. That’s why a lot of our tenants stay longer and respect their rental property.​

Some property management companies are only worried about their landlords. But if you’re a tenant renting a K Property Group property, you'll find that we have your best interests at heart too.

If at any stage of your tenancy things aren't going to plan, please get in touch. Little issues like unpaid rent, for example, can very quickly escalate and we’d rather work with you than against you! We always strive to be efficient, treat you fairly and honestly, and be as helpful to you as possible.

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Our all-in-one tenant solutions

We offer a full range of personal but professional tenant services. Here are just a few of the benefits of renting with K Property Group.


24/7 responsive service

Expert property management service including (but not limited to), leasing, tenant vetting, property inspections, and managing maintenance and repairs.


Hassle-free routine inspections

We carry out routine property inspections every 3 - 4 months. We provide feedback to both the landlord and to you, the tenant.


A dedicated property manager

You’ll be looked after by a dedicated, local property manager who knows their stuff and has your best interests at heart.


Property finding

We’re one of the few property management companies to offer to help tenants find available rental properties.


Tenant portals

All information about your tenancy is stored securely online. We also encourage you to submit maintenance requests and requests for minor changes online.


Popular questions

What happens if I miss a rent payment?

Mistakes happen! We understand that. So long as you rectify any missed payments in a timely manner, and it doesn’t become a regular occurrence we won’t take things further.


If you fail to pay rent on time, our system will register it as an ‘arrears’. We will notify you immediately if a payment isn’t received and work with you to rectify the issue and prevent it from happening again. However, if you fail to rectify missed rent payments or it becomes an ongoing issue, we will commence formal Tenancy Tribunal action.

Who is responsible for connecting utilities such as power, internet and gas?

internet and gas?
In most cases, it is your responsibility as a tenant to arrange the connection of utilities to your property. We highly recommend using MoveMeIn, a free service for setting up all of your utilities.


For things like power and internet, you’ll want to organise connection before you move in – there’s no guarantee that power or internet will still be connected from the previous occupants.

What property inspections do you conduct and what happens if I'm not home?

At K Property Group, we conduct entry, exit, and routine property inspections.


Entry inspections are conducted at the beginning of your tenancy for the purpose of recording the condition of the property as you move in. Exit inspections are conducted as you move out, to check the property is still in the same condition as when you moved in (besides any fair wear and tear).


Routine inspections are conducted every three months (you will receive at least 7 days’ notice prior to each inspection – except in extraordinary circumstances). We use an iPad or smartphone to take photographs and record notes to send to the owner in a report. The purpose of routine inspections is to check you are taking good care of the property and spot any maintenance issues you might not have picked up on. You do not have to be home for a routine inspection, but you are welcome to be. If you are not home, we will use our keys for access and leave a note advising you of the date and time the inspection was carried out as well as a few other details.

As a tenant, what maintenance am I responsible for taking care of?

As a tenant, you are responsible for keeping your rental property reasonably clean and tidy, this includes undertaking some maintenance work yourself. Here are some examples of maintenance that falls under your care:


Lawns & gardens: In most cases, lawns and gardens are your responsibility (note: you are not responsible for trimming large hedges or pruning trees). Sometimes lawn and garden maintenance will be covered by the landlord, this will be specified in your tenancy agreement or could be negotiated prior to commencing the tenancy. K Property Group can also arrange lawn mowing and gardening on your behalf for a monthly price.


Lightbulbs: Unless specialty bulbs are installed in your home or access is difficult, you are responsible for changing light bulbs.


Smoke alarms: All smoke alarms will be checked and in working order when your tenancy commences. After that, it is your responsibility to ensure they remain in working order during the term of your tenancy. Please let your property manager know if a smoke alarm becomes non-operational during your tenancy.


Drains: Keep drains free from objects and material that could cause blockages (e.g. long hair that gets stuck in shower drains or rice flushed down the kitchen sink).


Cleaning of air conditioning filters: Cleaning your air conditioning filters keeps the appliance running more efficiently which saves on power.

A pipe burst in the middle of the night, can I call my property manager?

Yes! At K Property Group, we understand that property management is a 24/7 job. Serious maintenance issues can’t wait until morning – if left unattended they can cause irreparable damage. Our phones are monitored 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure we are reachable by our tenants in case of emergency.